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YouTube in the Classroom

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Using YouTube in the Classroom


YouTube has become a valued resource and entertainment tool. Most people are familiar with Youtube as an entertainment tool, sharing, uploading, and viewing video clips and presentations. However, many people, teacher's included, don't realize the potential learning opportunities available from YouTube. From a quick video in the anticipatory set of a lesson to a full blown unit, teachers can find valuable resources at YouTube. Additionally, some similar websites are appearing as clones of YouTube more specific to teaching such as Teachertube.

KIDONCOMP.jpgBenefits of YouTube in the Classroom

YouTube has many benefits for the classroom. While some educators use it for exemplifying subject matter, others have used it as a video sharing source in which students post their own videos. Although many schools block YouTube for inappropriate content, YouTube offers educators resources that prove to be helpful across all content areas. YouTube for Schools offers playlists of videos which are aligned with state standards and curricular videos organized by grade, content, and level. Even more extensions and ideas are listed in this articleby Jeff Dunn. Another educator's view on YouTube via her blog.


  • YouTube can be tailored to fit a specific classroom teacher's needs. Playlists can be made so that students can log on and watch and rate the videos. Even more, with a free account, the playlists can only be viewed within the school's network. This allows for safety and privacy of students not available on the public channels.

Teacher-friendly and Comprehensive

  • YouTube for Teachers videos align with common core educational standards and disciplines, that are organized by subject and grade. Playlists are created for teachers by teachers and can therefore be searched and used as needed.

School Filter Friendly

  • Teachers with a free account can log on and watch any videos, while students can only log on and watch only school appropriate content their school has added. Teachers can add videos for students, however the school internet filter has the final decision. Additionally, inappropriate content is filtered using YouTube EDU tags.

10 reasons to use YouTube

How To Use YouTube in the Classroom

There are so many different ways to utilize this free platform filled with videos. To not use it is almost tragic. In this article, Jennifer Hillner dives into how to get started using YouTube in the classroom for beginners and even some alternative sources just in case your school does not allow you to access YouTube.
Here is our link YOUTUBE IN ACTION that shows some ways we have used youtube in our own classes.

Extensions for Classroom Activities

Sites Similar to YouTube

47 Alternate resources to YouTube
  • Teachers TV is based in the UK and contains over 3,500 15 minute links to educational material streamed for free online.
  • iTunes University provides an app for teachers to collect material for classes. It also allows teachers to bring all resources together across devices.
  • How Stuff Works is not only a great show on TV, but a site in which links, videos, podcasts, quizzes, and games for education.
  • CNN Student News has kid-friendly news for students, which are easily understood and education focused.
  • Ustream is a hands on way for students to broadcast live. Students can engage with students around the world or in their own backyard. They can also watch political events, special events, and more. Classes are available to take from their Learning Annex. There is a cost to the classes.
  • wwiTV.com has links to many channels around the world. Students can watch tv shows in Spanish, Russian, and even Farso languages. Foreign language teachers could possibly have students watch shows in these languages as an immersion activity. Additionally, it links students to channels including the University of California.
  • Better Than YouTube12 Video Sites That Are Better Than Youtube External link to videos in a format like YouTube with author's editorial about each site. Some are more geared toward education.

Useful sites like YouTube for the classroom



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